Put your visitors on the buying path

Every B2B organization has a website, including yours. But is your website doing the work you need it to?

A modern B2B website needs to be more than a piece of “brochureware.” It’s a key cog in your customer acquisition machine. If your website, and the content within, isn’t helping you attract leads and fill your better pipeline, it’s not doing its job.

According to a recent survey, 85% of B2B content marketers say lead generation is their most important goal. Yet only 32% of content marketers say their efforts are “sophisticated” or “mature.”

That means you’re in a great position to become “best in class” while your peers lag behind.

Brainrider can help. Our customized approach puts the needs of your customers first. We’ll help you optimize your website, giving visitors the information they came for up front, and providing paths to the right content to help them along their decision making journey.

6 steps to planning a better website

Pipeline planning

Discover a better way to fill your pipeline, engage your prospects and deliver quality leads to sales.

We’ll conduct a planning workshop that helps you understand the business you’re in, the customers you target, and your objectives. Then we’ll help you determine the best way to go to market – and deliver an action plan to guide your success.

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Lead generation websites

Build an easy-to-manage website that prioritizes acquisition and generates better marketing results.

Is your website putting your customers’ needs first? We’ll help you optimize your site with a customer-centric design that focuses on your audience’s needs and pains. We’ll tell your story in a way that keeps visitors moving down the buying path. And we’ll help you maximize your site for SEO.

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Marketing programs

Blog posts. Nurture campaigns. Webinars. What programs are right for your audience?

Which programs should you build to attract visitors? What campaigns will keep those visitors engaged? And what sort of content will help them make a buying decision? Let Brainrider help you find the answers, and help you deliver the right content – at the right time – to move your prospects down the funnel.

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