B2B Content That Drives Conversions is a 60 minute webinar that will help you attract and acquire new prospects, re-engage inactive leads, and qualify their sales readiness.

Join Brainrider for this 1-hour online clinic and learn practical ways to create more findable, relevant and valuable B2B marketing content to support your lead generation programs.

“B2B Content That Drives Conversions” looks at how to:

  • Engage your prospects using your subject matter expertise
  • Develop a customer-focused content strategy
  • Create more findable content using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Quickly create better content for your programs
  • Identify the right topics and formats for lead nurturing and sales readiness qualification

During B2B Content That Drives Conversions we will cover the following topics:

  1. Identifying decision stage content
  2. Developing a customer-centric content strategy
  3. How to build a keyword strategy and develop more findable SEO content
  4. Ways rapidly build your content inventory with re-purposed and curated content
  5. How to put it all together

Brainrider’s B2B Content That Drives Conversions webinar is designed for B2B hardware, software, IT, and services companies marketing specialized knowledge and subject matter expertise to support a complex sales process. If this describes you, then don’t miss “B2B Content That Drives Conversions”. For instant access, enter your email above.

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