Thinking about switching marketing automation platforms? Maybe you’re not satisfied with your current vendor, or perhaps your company has been acquired and must migrate to the marketing automation system used by the new owner. If you’re new to the migration process, you’re probably wondering how resource-intensive it might be.  You need the insight to anticipate where to focus your planning efforts to avoid potential pitfalls later in the process.  And before you get started, you want to truly understand the scope of the project and whether the return on investment is worth the effort.

Although marketing automation platform (MAP) migrations are becoming more common these days, each project is a bit different. Understanding the parameters of your needs is the key to knowing if you are ready to switch platforms, and if so, how to anticipate any obstacles or challenges.

Here are a three valuable questions to consider that will help lay the groundwork to plan for a successful MAP implementation:

#1: How healthy is your database?

What is the state of your customer database? Is it composed mainly of old, stale contacts from a few years ago or are they opted-in and ready to hear from you? What is the opt-in deliverability rate of your current leads? How much information do you know about your current prospects? What more would you like to know?

#2: What kind of marketing assets do you have?

Drip campaigns? Landing pages? Forms? You should start by doing an inventory of all existing marketing assets to help you understand how much work will be required to migrate these assets to a new marketing automation platform. This may be an opportunity to pare back the inactive, archived, and outdated assets while you’re at it, which will also simplify your migration.

#3: Are your marketing assets and website currently leveraged to capture and convert inbound sales leads?

To what extent? What proportion of your existing leads are currently being converted into sales opportunities? Who oversees lead assignment?If this includes different individuals in marketing and sales, start to think about how to get them on the same page, to optimize lead assignment process flow. If you have existing processes and workflows configured in your MAP, what work will be involved to recreate those, and is it still necessary to do so?

Preparation is an essential part of getting a positive return on your investment when choosing to switch marketing automation platforms. If you’re serious about migrating, download this checklist for the full list of questions to help you and your team anticipate any pitfalls and estimate time and resources required for success.


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