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Modern B2B marketing is all about reaching your customers at the right time. But where do you get started? Determining what content is right for your customers, what channels to use to reach them, setting objectives that work for you and figuring out how to measure success can seem like insurmountable challenges.

There’s no better starting point than looking at your customers. What are their pain points? What challenges can you solve for them? When you have a deeper understanding of what your customers want, and why they buy from you, you’ve laid the foundation for your marketing strategy.

But many organizations struggle to identify who their customers are and why their customers buy from them.

Brainrider can help you discover the answers. Our unique approach starts with a planning workshop to help determine your objectives. Then we’ll deliver a marketing plan to meet those objectives – including how to measure success. Finally, we’ll help you put the plan into action, and show you how to measure your progress every step of the way.

Evaluate your B2B Website, Content, and Programs

Our marketing planning approach

Our approach is simple. We put your key stakeholders and our B2B marketing experts under one roof. Together, we’ll determine what business you’re in, identify who are your customers are, and establish the best way to engage those customers. We’ll set objectives together, and determine the best methods – from types of content to technology solutions – to meet those objectives.

Creating a marketing automation strategy for Salesforce Pardot

Elements of a better marketing plan

No two organizations have the same plan, but most have similar objectives: Attract potential customers and deliver more quality leads. We’ll help you determine which tactics – from SEO to website optimization with landing pages and forms, email nurturing and lead scoring with Pardot – work best for you, and prioritize those tactics against your customers’ needs at each stage of the buying process.

Pipeline strategy and planning

Don’t just look at the top of your funnel. Your entire pipeline is filled with opportunity.

Bringing in more potential leads is just the beginning. We’ll help you look at the top, middle and bottom of your funnel, identify any gaps in your digital marketing and help you determine any leaky points in your funnel.

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Pipeline strategy execution

Audit, optimize and execute. Quickly and efficiently.

Once you’ve identified gaps and leaks, how do you plug them? We’ll help you conduct an audit and determine what needs to be built and what can be re-purposed. Then we’ll help you deploy those tactics effectively and keep your prospects moving – without any leaks.

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Marketing programs or Lead gen websites

Plan and implement Pardot

Best-in-class B2B organizations are making the most of marketing automation. Are you?

How are you identifying prospects? Are you scoring their interactions with your website, campaigns, or content and determining where they are in the buying process – in order to deliver the right content next? It’s not easy. Pardot, the B2B marketing automation solution from Salesforce, can help.

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