Happy Holidays from Brainrider and Cactus

As 2016 draws to a close, the Brainrider B2B marketing workshop is filled with the humming and whistling of B2B marketing elves working feverishly to finish off client deliverables in time for the Christmas break.

It’s been a year full of learning and growing as we helped our clients plan, build, run, and measure their pipeline marketing initiatives. We’re fortunate to be able to learn as much as we do in such a compressed time period. With 50 team members working concurrently with dozens of client teams, the opportunity to test, learn, and improve is immense and powerful.

Looking forward what lies ahead in 2017, here are a
few highlights from our year of learning:

  1. Every campaign, every call to action, every content asset should impact a key pipeline metric.
    During planning, we should be identifying how we expect a tactic to contribute to pipeline. As we build, execute, and measure, we must close the loop on those expectations.
  2. There are some important commonalities between successful marketing operations in different companies and industries.
    It’s our job to help marketing ops teams implement the right structure, roles, processes, tools, and templates to be successful.
  3. For marketing content to create business value, it must be part of a pipeline marketing plan.
    Amount of content produced isn’t a measure of success or value created. Content must impact the top, middle, and bottom of the lead funnel.
  4. Getting the right mix of program tactics and channels is complex and requires lots of testing and iteration.
    There are so many options for marketers to incorporate into their action plans and allocate budget to. There’s no magic formula or mix that works for everyone. And the optimal mix will change over time. Plan, execute, and measure in a way that embraces testing, learning, and iteration.
  5. Building and retaining a B2B pipeline marketing team is a massive challenge.
    The required skill sets are many, the organizational models and roles are unproven, and the talent supply is scarce. Figuring out how to combine internal staff with a long-term, strategic external partner that can fill in capability and capacity gaps is critical to sustaining momentum and success.

Let me just wrap up by saying excited we are to put these learnings into action on client projects in 2017. For those we are already committed to working with next year, it’s our promise to you that these learnings will be top of mind in our methods and our actions.

If you hear your own priorities, challenges, and needs in these insights, contact us to schedule a discussion around your pain points. Hopefully we can help! And if you don’t know where to get started, why not give our B2B Marketing Checklist a read. It’s an at-a-glance look at some the essential things you need to get your pipeline marketing initiatives in order.

We wish you a happy, healthy, restful holiday season, and look forward to tackling 2017 pipeline building with fire and fury in January!

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