Engage prospects when sales-ready

When you’ve invested time and resources into content marketing and marketing automation, there’s no greater frustration than seeing a prospect slip out near the bottom of the funnel without a closed deal.

And while you’ll never convert every lead, seeing that investment slip away can lead to questions: What did we do wrong? Is our content not effective – or delivered at the right time? What didn’t we do that we should have?

There’s no miracle solution, but the combination of lead qualification, timely content delivery and automation can help you significantly reduce the number of lost leads at the bottom of the funnel.

And Brainrider is the ideal partner to help you maximize your investment in these solutions. With our customer-centric approach and proven B2B marketing experience, we can help you review your current practices, improve lead scoring process, better qualify sales readiness and empower your sales teams to engage at the right time.

How To Qualify More Sales Ready Leads

The modern marketer’s secret weapon

When done right, automation makes your life easier. Set your drip campaigns and nurture programs and let them run their course. Develop customized content that gets delivered when prospects engage. Let Pardot do the work for you, so you can focus on other core needs.

Creating a marketing automation strategy for Salesforce Pardot

The right content, at the right time

Once your drip and nurture campaigns have done their job, it’s up to your sales reps to seal the deal. Help them help themselves by implementing Salesforce Engage, and allow your reps to engage with warm leads through customized mini-campaigns and content – all built by marketing and fully integrated with your CRM.

Sales readiness qualification

Know your customers. Align your marketing efforts. Improve your sales.

Improving your sales engagement efforts can only come with a deep understanding of your customers’ wants, pains and needs. Let Brainrider help you analyze and understand those needs – and build your marketing efforts against them.

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Customized lead scoring

Know exactly where your prospects are in the funnel – and how to keep them moving.

Copy: With Pardot and Brainrider at your side, you can implement a qualification system that helps you identify who’s interested in what – and when – by scoring their interaction with your content. You can even automate lead assignment and deliver MQLs to the right sales rep or team, every time.

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Implementing Salesforce Engage

Empower your sales teams. Give them the tools to seal the deal.

With Salesfoce Engage, you can build a customizable library of content and mini-campaigns for your reps to use when prospects are at their warmest. Reps can receive alerts in realtime when prospects view their content, making further – and even more timely – follow-ups a snap.

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