Full pipeline, flat sales?
You need a better nurture program

You’ve optimized your B2B website, and invested in automation. You’re active on social media. You know you’re miles ahead of your competition when it comes to marketing.

But something’s still not right. You’re not moving enough prospects from cold to warm, from MQL to SQL. And your ROI on your marketing efforts isn’t close to where you want it.

Take a closer look at your nurturing efforts. Are they meeting the needs of your customers? You need timely, relevant information. And you need multiple touchpoints; after all, 51% of marketers say they’ve found nurture programs require five or more touches to move a potential buyer along their journey.

If you need help righting your nurture program ship and maximizing your content marketing investment, the B2B marketing experts at Brainrider can help. From nurture strategy to content development to Pardot training, we have the solutions you need to realize a better ROI.

Learn how to qualify the leads in your prospect list

Target the right KPIs

Understanding the customer experience

A successful nurture campaign only happens when you fully understand what your customers want and need at each stage of the buying cycle. Have you asked your customers what matters to them? Walk through the customer experience and make sure you’re hitting them with the right message at the right time.

Learn how to utilize prospect decision stages

Designing campaigns based on customer needs

Once you’ve built that understanding of your customer needs, you can pull in B2B marketing best practices – including automation – to engage with them. Pardot can score your customers any time they interact with you, and deliver your customer-focused content on time – every time.

Campaign planning and execution

Relevant content, delivered at the right time.

Your buyers want relevant, practical content. And they want it delivered in a timely manner. Let Brainrider help you determine what content is right – and the right platform to deliver it.

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better B2B campaign planning and execution

Implementing Salesforce Engage

Drive up your SQLs with customized emails. Make it happen with Engage.

Give your sales teams the power to transform warm leads to hot with Salesforce Engage. Fully integrated with Salesforce.com and Pardot, Engage lets your reps connect to prospects with customized emails in real time, delivering the right content when your prospects needs it most.

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customized B2B experiences with Salesforce Engage

Understanding Pardot

Maximize your investment in Pardot. And realize the power of automation.

Are you making the most of Pardot? Pardot is a deep tool with multiple layers of sophistication, and like most tools, you’ll only get out of what you put into it. Realize the full potential of Pardot with Brainrider, a Salesforce.com certified Pardot consultant.

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better B2B marketing automation with Pardot

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about the Brainrider methodology?

Talk to a B2B marketing expert today to see how Brainrider uses marketing and automation best practices to help companies like yours nurture and engage their prospects throughout the entire buying cycle.