Elevate Your Strategy From Marketing Activity to Revenue Generation

Activity-based marketing isn’t generating quality leads to satisfy yours sales team, nor is it contributing from a business perspective.  

You need to change how you budget, plan, execute and measure your marketing activities to attract more of the right buyers. The good news is, we can help.

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How You Benefit

  • Measure and demonstrate marketing success by the quality of leads in your pipeline
  • Connect your marketing activities to revenue attribution
  • Drive more effective demand-generation programs
  • Increase insight into your buyer’s journey

How It Works

Many great organizations are still thinking about marketing in terms of tactics and activity-based marketing, and they’re missing sales opportunities.

It’s time to start showing how your marketing operations are directly impacting your business's top line. Our goal is to help you plan and build a B2B pipeline that delivers against the right business metric—REVENUE.

Our B2B Pipeline solution starts by assessing your business and marketing activities to create a plan focused on improving insight and driving results. We help you efficiently build and execute campaigns aimed at acquiring better leads and qualifying MQLs and SQLs, and deliver reporting metrics and provide recommendations for improvements and next steps.

What You Get

Action Plan

  • Clear objectives setting
  • Prioritized B2B marketing plan that performs against KPIs
  • An execution schedule for rapid results

Technology Implementation

  • Connect marketing automation tools
  • Team training, as required
  • Salesforce tools integration

Optimized Website

  • UX improvement
  • Improved architecture
  • Effective CTAs
  • Forms and progressive profiling
  • Segmentation
  • Dynamic Content

Branding & Graphic Design

  • Build your brand

Better Lead Management

  • Implement lead management flow best practices
  • Quickly deliver hot leads to sales

Full-funnel B2B Marketing Programs Execution

  • Segmented email nurturing
  • PPC
  • Demand generation campaigns
  • Event marketing & support

Customer-Centric Content

  • Webinars
  • Video
  • Blogs
  •  Social media support

Metrics and Insight

  • Monthly reporting with improvement recommendations